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Why was my candidate rejected?
Why was my candidate rejected?

Candidates are rejected by employers when they do not align with the position.

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Generally speaking, candidates who are rejected have profiles that do not clearly demonstrate the Must-Haves of the JobCast.

Must-haves are the most critical part of each JobCast. These are 3-5 requirements that are absolutely essential to completing the job, and every candidate you submit should demonstrate competency or knowledge of them. If you submit a candidate who does not meet every single Must-Have, your candidate will likely be rejected. 

When viewing a JobCast on your "New" dashboard, you can see a preview of all of the Must-Haves. If you decide to work on the JobCast, you can view the full Must-Haves on the JobCast Description page. 

When you submit a candidate, you must directly respond to each of the Must-Haves. These will be seen by the Employer, and factor in to whether or not they reject your candidate. For more information about Must-Haves, click here.

Keep in mind that you will only get one chance at presenting a candidate, so make sure you take time to package and present them properly. If a candidate doesn't perfectly fit one of the must-haves, this is your opportunity to sell your candidate ahead of time and tell the hiring manager why you think your candidate is right for the role anyway.

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