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Can I move a candidate to a different JobCast?
Can I move a candidate to a different JobCast?

Moving candidates between JobCasts. Transferring candidates.

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It is easy to move candidates between JobCasts. From the candidate drawer, select "Transfer Candidate", and select the job to which you would like to see the candidate. The candidate will appear in the same stage that they are currently in, so a candidate in "Offers" will appear in the Offers stage of the new JobCast. 

Candidates who are in New, Rejected, or Hired cannot be transferred. Additionally, you can only move candidates between JobCasts that you own. You can learn more about transferring JobCasts to your teammates here.

How is Agency Ownership granted with transferred candidates?
Importantly, as always, RecruitiFi is the "owner" of the candidate within your company. In terms of which agency will earn your fee, it is based on who submitted the candidate to the JobCast first. You will not be able to transfer a candidate to a JobCast to which they are already being considered. Therefore, there is never any ownership issues. Learn more about ownership here.

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