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What are the candidate ownership rules on RecruitiFi?
What are the candidate ownership rules on RecruitiFi?

Candidate ownership is 180 days for each JobCast. Read on for more nuanced situations.

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Once you have gotten a completed submission, you will own them for 180 days for that JobCast. In order for a submission to be considered "completed," your candidate must confirmed their application, so please ensure that they have taken action on the confirmation email sent by RecruitiFi.


What happens if two agencies submit the same candidate to the same JobCast?

The RecruitiFi system is programmed to check each candidate's name and email and reject duplicate submissions for a JobCast.

However, on rare occasion, the same candidate will be submitted with a slight variation on their name and a different email.

In this case, ownership is awarded to the agency that got the candidate to confirm their submission first, not the agency that input the candidate's information first.


What happens if a candidate is hired for a different role than the one I submitted them for?

There are three possible scenarios for this:

  1. You are the only Recruiter to submit that Candidate to RecruitiFi. You will receive a placement fee for the hire, regardless of the role that they're hired for. This is the situation 99% of the time.

  2. Both your agency and another agency has submitted the candidate to separate JobCasts on RecruitiFi.  The Recruiter who submitted the candidate to the role for which they were ultimately hired will receive the placement fee.

  3. Both your agency and another agency has submitted the candidate to separate JobCasts, but the candidate is hired for a role that's different than either JobCast on RecruitiFi.  The Recruiter who first got the Candidate to confirm their submission will be awarded the placement fee.

All of these scenarios assume that the hire is made within 180 days of your agency submitting the Candidate. After 180 days, your ownership will lapse, and ownership reverts to any agency that still maintains ownership within the 180-day limit.

Employer Rejection

Employers may also reject ownership of a candidate if they've been in active discussions with the candidate over the past 180 days.

This does not include one-way communication. This means that the Employer must show proof that the Candidate has responded to their outreach and shown active interest.

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