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How do I use the Message Board?
How do I use the Message Board?
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The Message Board allows you to send Announcements to the agencies working on your JobCasts, and to respond to questions about them.

Send Announcement

Click the “Send Announcement” button.  Enter the message that you would like to send to all agencies working on a JobCast, and click “Publish”.  

It is important that you make an Announcement if any pertinent information about a JobCast has changed, or you have new information about the search. Agencies working on the JobCast will be notified and will make adjustments accordingly.

JobCast Questions

When agencies ask clarifying questions about your JobCast they appear in your Message Board.  

Find the question you would like to answer and choose how to respond:  

  • Send a “Public Reply” to notify all agencies working on the JobCast of your answer. 

  • Send a “Private Reply” to only the agency that asked the question.  

  • Click “Archive” if you do not wish to answer the question.

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