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What are Alerts and when do I receive them?
What are Alerts and when do I receive them?
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Alerts are different types of notifications about your JobCast.  Monitoring and responding to alerts in a timely fashion increases the engagement of agencies working on your JobCast and positively impacts your Employer Rating

Clicking on the Alerts Bell will take you to a page that contains all alerts on that particular JobCast.  You can also navigate to your Alerts from within a JobCast by clicking “Alerts” in the left hand column.

Types of Alerts


When you have a new chat message about a candidate you will receive an alert. Communicate directly with agencies working on your JobCasts through the Agency Chat.   

JobCast Questions

When an agency asks a question about a JobCast you will receive an alert. You respond to these questions from your Message Board.  

Withdrawn Candidates

If an agency withdraws a candidate, you will receive a notification as to why the candidate has been withdrawn from consideration.

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