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How do I create a JobCast?
How do I create a JobCast?
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On the JobCasts page click “Create JobCast”.  This takes you to a five-part form where you create and send a JobCast.

When creating a JobCast your input is automatically saved as a draft so you will never lose any data.  You can learn about drafts here.

The JobCast Create Form is divided into the following five sections:

  • Overview - Basics such as title, level, location, and role

  • Requirements - Job description, Must-haves, and Nice-to-haves

  • Compensation - Standard compensation package information

  • Specifics - Sourcing tips to find the ideal candidate and administrative details

  • Agencies - Agencies matched to your JobCast (learn more)

When you are finished filling out the form, click “Review and Submit” to send the JobCast.  It will be reviewed by our curation team with in 24 hours and then set live upon approval.

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