Preferred Agencies are agencies on RecruitiFi you want to control which JobCasts they get access to.

To invite a new Preferred Agency go to the Agencies page and click “Invite Agency”.

Then, provide the name, contact information, and fee(s) for the agency you wish to invite.  

If you wish to immediately add this agency to JobCasts that are currently open, select the appropriate JobCast(s) from the JobCast Assignments dropdown.

Adding Multiple Fees 

If the Preferred Agency you are inviting works with multiple fees, select the Custom Fee option and then click “+ Another Fee”. From here you can set as many fees as you wish, labeling each with a note to help you identify it. For example: “Roles below $100k” or “Executive Positions”.

When marking a hire of a candidate submitted by a Preferred Agency with multiple fees, you will be able to choose which fee to apply.

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