You can access your Profile and other Settings by clicking on your avatar.  You will see a menu with a link to your “Settings”.

Within your Settings there are links in the left hand column that take you to pages where you can modify your: 


Modify your personal information including your avatar, name, contact information and password.

Organization Details (accessible only to Team Administrators)

Modify your organization’s information including your corporate logo, name, website, industry and location.

JobCast Defaults

Modify the default setting for all JobCasts that you create.  You can set defaults for the following JobCast sections: Benefits, Culture & Perks, Tips for Successful Search, Interview Steps, and Screening Questions.  

Learn how JobCast Defaults allow you to efficiently create JobCasts

Email Settings

This section allows you to modify the frequency with which you receive email notifications.  You can choose to be notified Immediately or Daily for new chat messages, candidates, and JobCast questions

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