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Custom Placement Fees:  The company that invites the agency chooses the agency fee. A 1% Transaction Fee is kept by RecruitiFi (e.g. if an agency is entered into the system at 20%, when a placement is made they will net 19%)

Community Placement Fees:  Community Fee's are regional and will vary from country to country. Rates vary from 10% to 30% depending on the location of the role


Candidate Ownership: 180 days.

Ownership Rejection: If the employer has been in active communication with the candidate in the 180 days prior to a candidate submission, it may be rejected.



Candidate Guarantee: 60 days.

Guarantee Failures: If a candidate fails to complete 60 days, the funds are automatically refunded to the employer.

• Backfill Requirement: There is no backfill or candidate replacement requirement.


Timing of Payment:  RecruitiFi acts as an escrow service. If the candidate passes the guarantee, agency funds are released on the first business day of the month following the guarantee (71 days average).

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