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How Do I Set Up My Contract Payment Method?
How Do I Set Up My Contract Payment Method?
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It is important to note that your Permanent Placement and Contract Payment methods are not the same. They are run by two different payment processors, so you will need to set up each individually.

To set up your Contract payment method, toggle the top left to "Contract." Then, you can click on your "Earnings" next to your avatar in the top right of the page.

On your Contract Earnings page, a red banner prompts you to set up your Stripe payment method. Additionally, you can click on Payout Information, as shown below.

From there, you will be taken to Stripe, where you can set up your Stripe account.

When contract payouts are processed, they will be sent to your Stripe account and then paid out using the payment method associated with that account on a daily basis.

Stripe will eventually require more information when enough volume has been processed. This additional information is usually your company's Business Tax ID.

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