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How do I assign a Timesheet Submitter?
How do I assign a Timesheet Submitter?
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All contracts must have an assigned "Timesheet Submitter" in order to be started. Timesheet Submitters assigned to a contract will have the following permissions:

  • Visibility into the contract details within their "Contracts" index.

  • Visibility into the revenue generated from this contract.

  • Ability to upload weekly time sheets for client approval.

  • Ability to end the contract.

  • Ability to chat with the client via the contract.

  • Will receive email updates and reminders about the contract.

Timesheet Submitters are assigned at the start of the contract but can be edited at any point. You can also have an unlimited number of Timesheet Submitters on any contract.

To Add Initial Timesheet Submitter

During the "Pre-Assignment" steps of any contract, you will need to assign Timesheet Submitters. This will be completed by the agency that submitted the candidate.

If a member of your team or you do not appear on the list of Timesheet Submitters, they may need this permission added to their account. See your "Team" page to see the permissions of this person. If they do not have Timesheet Submitter listed with their name, a Team Manager may add it to their account.

To Edit Timesheet Submitter

You must be a timesheet submitter on a contract in order to edit this field. To do so, go to your Open Contracts page and click on the "Actions" menu on the right side of the contract. Select "edit contract" and select your new Timesheet Submitters.

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