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Adding Weekly Timesheets for each Pay Period
Adding Weekly Timesheets for each Pay Period

Learn how to add hours for timesheets on RecruitiFi. Hours are added on a weekly basis by the staffing firm

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Staffing firms are responsible for adding the worked hours of any resource on their payroll. The hours will be approved by managers on the RecruitiFi platform.

Pay Periods

Pay periods are Monday - Sunday. Each week, the submitting agency will receive an email reminding them to upload the hours for that pay period.

Importantly, staffing firms should continue to collect worked hours from the resource as they currently do. They should not, however, submit these hours for manager approval. To upload the hours for a contract to RecruitiFi, click "My Contracts" on the upper navigation. On the left side, click on the "Unsubmitted" page. You can see all unsubmitted timesheets organized by pay period and contract worker.

Submitting Hours

Select "Add Hours" on the worker card. At this point, you can add the total weekly hours worked broken up by Standard (1x), Overtime (1.5x), or Doubletime (2x) hours. Additionally, you can add any dollar expenses to be repaid to the contract worker with a note attached. You may click "Zero hours" and submit the timesheet if the worker did not work any hours. This cannot be edited once submitted.


Once the timesheet is submitted, the manager associated with the contract will be asked to approve the hours. The RecruitiFi system informs the manager that hours must be approved and sends reminders until the hours are approved.

You can follow the timesheet status in your "Submitted" Timesheets page by opening the candidate card and reviewing the "Payment History."

Adding Hours as a Team Manager

If you are not the agency recruiter who submitted the candidate but you are a team manager, you can submit the weekly timesheets for approval. To do this, go to your 'Contracts' tab at the top of your page.

On the left navigation is a 'View as Teammate' section. Selecting a teammate's name lets you view their open contracts, pre-assignment contracts, and timesheets. You can act on behalf of this teammate, though the actions are recorded as completed by you.

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