Agencies can find new JobCasts to work on by navigating to the "New" section on the JobCast Dashboard under "JobCast Status."

Agencies are matched to JobCasts based on their 'JobCast Match' Settings, which can be found in the settings pages. Match preferences include: Role, Industry, Level, and Geography. In addition, agencies are matched to JobCasts based on their performance score within these categories. Higher scoring recruiters will receive more JobCasts.

Additionally, if you are a Preferred Agency for an Employer, the jobs they assign you to will be added to your dashboard when you log in.

If you have a low number of JobCasts on your "New" Dashboard, you can click on the "Load More" icon. Your current JobCasts will not be removed, but you will be matched to new JobCasts that you are best suited to fill.

Ultimately, you get to allocate less time to business development and selling new clients. Our goal is to help you focus on what you do best - sourcing quality candidates, and building strong relationships.

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