Please note: If you have a prior relationship with an Employer and want to learn more about Legacy Fees, read this article.

Placement fees for the community are determined on a country-by-country basis.  Many things factor into the fees, including supply, demand, and traditional market rates for each country.

Depending on the country, fees will vary from 10% to 28% of first year salary.

On your dashboard, you'll see various jobs from any of the countries where you've selected that you can work.  If you'll notice in the screenshot below, the estimated payout for a job in the U.S. shows a 10% fee, whereas the estimated payout in the UK is showing an 18% fee.

This is your full fee. RecruitiFi is not taking an additional percentage from that.  Note that international banking or conversion fees may apply, but these are being claimed by the bank/payment processors, not RecruitiFi.

But I usually make XX%, and you're only paying YY%. Why should I work on RecruitiFi?

RecruitiFi aims to provide you with volume and velocity, so you can place more candidates by consolidating communication cycles and streamlining the recruiting process.

RecruitiFi handles all of the administrative side of recruiting--everything from business development to bring committed Employers to work with your agency, to handling collections and refunds. Our goal is to free up your day from annoying administrative hassles, so that you make more placements and earn more money by focusing on the thing you do best—finding top talent.

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