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What am I going to be paid for making a placement?
What am I going to be paid for making a placement?

Placement fees for hires by community members are fixed on a country-by-country basis.

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Placement fees for the community are determined on a country-by-country basis. Many things factor into the fees, including supply, demand, and traditional market rates for each country. Preferred agencies can have custom fees determined by the Employer.

All of your fees, both community and custom, can be found by clicking on your 'Earnings' badge, and then selecting 'fees' on the left navigation.

Depending on the country, fees will vary from 10% to 28% of first year salary.

On your dashboard, you'll see various jobs that you have been matched to. As seen in the screenshots below, you can see your estimated fee based on your fee percentage on the JobCast card.

Note that international banking or conversion fees may apply, but these are being claimed by the bank/payment processors.

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