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How do I sign-up for a RecruitiFi Agency account?
How do I sign-up for a RecruitiFi Agency account?

Apply, sign-up, make placements.

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There are three ways to have a RecruitiFi Agency account:

1.) Be invited as a preferred agency for a company that has engaged with RecruitiFi
2.) Apply to be a part of the Community.ย 

Be sure to fill out a thorough and honest application. We use this information to determine if we are a good fit for each other based on your past experience as well as the types of candidates that you recruit.


Step 1. Fill out your Profile Information

Populate your profile with all the relevant information.

  • All Fields are required unless marked "optional"

  • Any fields that are not filled out properly will be marked in red.

Step 2. Fill out the Application Questions

Please answer the Application Questions to the best of your ability, as the answers will be taken into consideration during the review process.

Step 3. Fill out your Match Preferences

If your application is accepted, these preferences will be used to match you with relevant positions.

This section includes

  1. Roles (the function of the candidate in the organization)

  2. Company Industries (the industries you specialize in)

  3. Candidate Geographies (the regions where you recruit)

  4. Candidate Seniority (the level of the position)

Step 4. Submit!


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