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What does the Lock icon on a JobCast mean?
What does the Lock icon on a JobCast mean?

JobCasts will either be open for submissions or locked. A lock symbol indicates that you should stop submissions.

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When you see a Lock icon on a JobCast you are working on, you should be aware that this JobCast has been Locked by the Employer and that you are unable to submit any candidates. 

Employers Lock JobCasts to alert Recruiters to stop submissions due to a specific reason, which you can find by hovering your mouse over the Lock icon.

Some common reasons to Lock a JobCast include the Employer being close to making a hire, having a candidate in the offer stage, or simply mean that the Employer has enough submissions to review for the time being. It may also mean that the HR team has been notified of changes in the job that need further clarification with the hiring manager before continuing candidate review.  Defer to the exact reason added by the Employer for your course of action. 

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