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What are Standardized Fees and how do they work?
What are Standardized Fees and how do they work?
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Standardized fees are an alternative to the default Custom fee system for dealing with preferred agency fees.

Standardized fees allow you to set up a fee or list of fees that you then choose from when creating JobCast to determine the fee your preferred agencies get for a given JobCast. This is the fee that will be advertised to your preferred agencies when they are deciding to work on the JobCast. So even if you have multiple standardized fees your preferred agencies will always know what fee each JobCast is at.

If your company uses standardized fees you can update the fee on your JobCasts from the JobCast description page. This will only update the fee for future candidate submissions on that JobCast.

What do I do when my company first switches to standardized fees?

1. You will need to select the Standardized fee you want to use for each of your live JobCasts. You can do this by clicking “Edit” from the JobCast action menu.

2. When you first select a fee for a live JobCast it will update the candidates that have already been submitted by your preferred agencies to be at the fee you select and future candidates submitted by your preferred agencies will also be at that fee.

3. However, if you update the JobCast to a different standardized fee this will only update candidates submitted in the future.

4. From now on when you are creating a new jobcast you will be asked to select which standardized fee you want to use. So agencies will be able to see what fee they will receive for hires on your JobCasts.

How do I edit my standardized fees?

In order to edit your standardized fees, you need to reach out to your account manager or and they will be able to make those adjustments for you.

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