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Can I add an internal Job ID to a JobCast?
Can I add an internal Job ID to a JobCast?

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Absolutely! JobCasts on RecruitiFi have a field for an internal Job ID. This field is only visible to your team, meaning Agency Recruiters and Candidates cannot see this field.

The Job ID field can be completed by the person that creates the JobCast or by any Team Manager. The field can be found in the 'Specifics' section of the JobCast form, and inputs can be up to 140 characters.

Where does this field appear?

When used, this field will appear in your Reports about each individual JobCast. See your Reports from the tab at the top of your dashboard.

Is this field mandatory?

By default, the Job ID field is optional. However, any Team Manager can make it mandatory for all new JobCasts. Team Manager's can do this by going to their Settings > (JobCast Settings) Company Defaults. In the 'Administrative' section this field can be made mandatory across the company.

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