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Why did my candidate not receive the Confirmation email?
Why did my candidate not receive the Confirmation email?

All candidates are sent a confirmation email. Learn why they may not have received it and what you can do.

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Every candidate submitted on RecruitiFi is sent a confirmation email as part of their application process. This process confirms that the candidate wants to be presented to this job and be represented by you. Candidates are not presented to the employer until that step is complete. Learn more about that process here.

If your candidate is having trouble finding the email, take the following steps:

1. Have candidates check their spam folder! The email is from "" with the subject line "Confirm your interest in this position at <<Company Name>>!"

2. Check the candidate's email address to make sure it is correct. You can see the candidates contact information on the top section of their profile drawer.

3. Review the actions they have taken on the confirmation email. On the profile 'History' tab, you can see if the email bounced, was opened, or was clicked.

4. Re-send the email. You can do this once every 24 hours by clicking "Send Reminder" on the candidate icon. You can send reminders from your 'Working On' Dashboard (shown below) but also from your 'Candidates' Unconfirmed page and within each JobCast.

If the email has bounced or was sent to the wrong email address, you will need to re-submit the candidate to the JobCast. This time be sure to provide an email address you have confirmed with the candidate to be accurate.

For more information regarding the Candidate Confirmation process, please reference the What happens after I submit a candidate? FAQ.

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