As a part of our confirmation process, every candidate you submit through RecruitiFi is sent a confirmation email linking them to an application that they must complete in order to be presented to the Employer. This ensures that all candidates presented to the Employer are available and interested in the position.

You can check the candidate's email address and the actions they have taken on the confirmation email (eg: open/clicked) by clicking the candidate's name and selecting the "History" tab.

We recommend that you are on the phone with your candidate when you submit them to ensure they receive the email. In the event they do not receive it, you may resend the confirmation email one time by clicking "Send Final Reminder" on the candidate icon, shown in the image below.

If your candidate claims to have not received the confirmation email one of the followings has occurred:

1. The email is in their Junk or Spam filter 

  • Have the candidate search these folders for an email from with the subject line "Confirm your interest in this position!"

2. The email address you provided for the candidate is incorrect or invalid. 

  • You can confirm this is, in fact, what happened by going to the "History" tab and checking if there is an update titled "Null".
  • If this is the case you will need to re-submit the candidate to the JobCast. This time be sure to provide an email address you have confirmed with the candidate to be accurate.

For more information regarding the Candidate Confirmation process, please reference the What happens after I submit a candidate? FAQ.

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