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How do I edit the invoice number on my placements?
How do I edit the invoice number on my placements?
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Want to edit the invoice number on your placements so it matches your internal system? You can do this quite easily through RecruitiFi.

Firstly, you will have a chance to edit the invoice number directly from the "New Hire on RecruitiFi" email. Simply click on the "Edit" link right next to the Invoice No. provided in the email.

This will open the "Edit Invoice Number" popover where you will be able to update the invoice number associated with this placement to match your internal system's records.

You can also simply navigate to your Upcoming Payouts page and click on the action menu next to the placement you want to update and from there select "Edit Invoice Number".

This can help when you to identify which placements we are paying you for when you receive payouts because we will reference the invoice numbers you provide in the remittance documentation you receive when your payouts process.

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