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What does the Dollar Sign icon on a JobCast mean?
What does the Dollar Sign icon on a JobCast mean?
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When you see the green Dollar Sign icon on a JobCast this means that a Priority Bonus has been added by the Employer. Employers add Priority Bonuses to encourage agencies to submit candidates to certain JobCasts over their other openings.

When you submit a candidate to a JobCast with a Priority Bonus, the bonus amount will be stored on the candidate and if hired you will earn your typical placement fee plus your Priority Bonus.

To see the bonus amount and the reason the Employer provided for adding the bonus, simply hover your mouse over the Dollar Sign icon.

To find JobCasts with a Priority Bonus try using the JobCasts Status filter.

If the Priority Bonus were to change or be removed that would not impact the candidate's submitted while the bonus was active. If one of those candidates gets hired you will still be owed the Priority Bonus.

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