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What is a Priority Bonus and how do I use it?
What is a Priority Bonus and how do I use it?
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What is a Priority Bonus?

A priority bonus is the best way to focus agencies on the Jobcasts that are most important to you.

This feature allows you to add a monetary bonus to your JobCast, enticing agencies to prioritize this job over your other openings. Any candidate submitted while the bonus is active will have the bonus attached to their submission. If the candidate is hired, the agency will earn a bonus.

All agencies that have been invited to the role will be notified when you add a Priority Bonus and they will also be able to see the reason you provide.

What does a Priority Bonus JobCast look like for agencies?

When you add a Priority Bonus to a JobCast it will appear on your and your agency's indexes, with a green flag on the corner with a dollar sign on it. When you, or your agencies, hover over this flag you will be able to see the amount of the Priority Bonus and the reason you provided.

How do I add a Priority Bonus to a JobCast?

From the JobCasts page, click the Actions menu of the JobCast if you want to add a Priority Bonus. Select “Add Priority Bonus”. A dialogue box prompts you to explain why you are adding the Priority Bonus to the JobCast and how much you want the bonus to be.

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