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How do I add Agencies to a JobCast?
How do I add Agencies to a JobCast?
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From the JobCasts index page, select “Add Agencies” from the Actions menu on the JobCast to which you want to add agencies. This will take you to the JobCast edit page.

You can then click 'Add Agencies' on the left side of any JobCast specific page.

Search for the agencies you want to add in the search box or by navigating through the Unselected Agencies section. Click the blue “Plus” icon to add them to your invitation list. When you are satisfied with your selection, click “Invite”. These agencies will immediately be able to work on this JobCast.

You can see who is currently working on your JobCast from the ‘Invited Agencies’ screen also located in the “JobCast Info” section of the left navigation.

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