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How do I Select Agencies to work on a JobCast?
How do I Select Agencies to work on a JobCast?
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When sending a JobCast, you will be presented with 3 options when you get to the Agency section. Let's break them down!

Suggested Agencies

With this selection, RecruitiFi matches the most relevant agencies to your role. Matched agencies are a combination of your Preferred Agencies, Soliciting Agencies, and the RecruitiFi Community.

We use the performance data of each agency to match them as closely as possible to your JobCast based on role, industry, location, level, and various other factors.

Saved Agency Lists

With this selection, you can choose from your saved Team and Personal Agency Lists. Simply select the List you want to use and you're ready to submit your JobCast!

These Lists are built and managed by you and your team and consist of the agencies you choose for them.

To learn more about agency lists check out this FAQ article here.

Custom Selection

From here we start with the "Suggested Agencies" in "Selected Agencies" but allow you to edit the agencies that receive a JobCast.

This is particularly useful when you have 1 or 2 agencies in mind that you want to work on the role exclusively.

You can remove agencies by clicking the red “Minus” icon, and add them by clicking the blue “Plus” icon. Once you have finalized the list of agencies that you want to receive the JobCast by moving them to "Selected Agencies" click "Next" and you will be good to go!

Additionally, if you want to save this Custom Selection for future JobCasts you can save it by clicking on "Save to Lists".

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