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What are JobCast Templates and how do I create them?
What are JobCast Templates and how do I create them?
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JobCast Templates allow you to save time when you are creating a JobCast by pre-populating the JobCast Creation form with the fields you saved to the template.

At the beginning of the JobCast Creation form, you are asked if you want to use a template. If you select a template all of the fields you saved to that template will become populated on the JobCast form.

If you are a "Team Manager" there are two ways to create new JobCast Templates for your team to use.

1. You can save an existing JobCasts as a template by clicking "Save as Template" on the JobCast action menu

2. You can build a new Template from scratch if go to your "Template Library" found in your Settings and click on "Create New Template" in the top right-hand corner.

Once a JobCast Template is created you and your teammates can select on the JobCast Creation form to save time when creating recurring positions.

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