If you have a Preferred relationship with an employer, the processing fees on your payout will depend on your fee type.

Employers provide RecruitiFi with your fees as either a Percentage Based Fee or Flat Fees.

Percentage Based Fee

A percentage based fee represents a percentage of the candidate's first year's salary. RecruitiFi takes a 1 point processing fee associated with percentage based fees, so if the employer chooses, say "21%" you will earn "20%" of the candidate's guaranteed first year's compensation.

Flat Fee

A flat fee represents a specific dollar amount that the employer agrees to pay when you make a hire for them. RecruitiFi takes a processing fee of 5% on these types of placements, so if the employer chooses, say "$9,000" you will receive "$8,550".

My Fees

Once you are on RecuitiFi you will be able to see your fees in the "My Fees" section of "Payouts"

The fees shown here have the processing fees removed, so the percentages or dollar amounts represent the exact amount you would receive.

The same can be said about the "Est. Earnings" you see on JobCast Cards, these estimates have accounted for the processing fees.

Additional Fees

Note, some hires made in India may also have a TDS (Tax Direct at Source) taken out of your payout.

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