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How can I customize my invoice preferences?
How can I customize my invoice preferences?

Save time by adding multiple cost centers and customize your invoice processing.

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On RecruitiFi, you can set up cost centers so your invoices go to the correct people and contain accurate information. For each cost center you can customize:

  • Emails invoices are sent to

  • The address associated with the invoice

  • Cost center name

  • Email settings

If you have only one cost center, that information will automatically be associated with every invoice. If you have multiple cost centers, you can select which receives the invoice on a per JobCast or a per hire basis. For example, if your hires in the United States are processed by one cost center and your hires in Japan are processed by another, this can be easily handled. You can also set a default cost center in your JobCast defaults.

See the images below to see how you can manage your cost centers and how your invoices will reflect the cost centers.

An example invoice with a cost center and invoice memo

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