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Can I create a JobCast with Multiple Locations?
Can I create a JobCast with Multiple Locations?

Add multiple locations to JobCasts to allow candidates to choose where they want to be considered

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Yes, you can add multiple locations to a JobCast. This is useful when there is an opening that can be based in more than one location. For example, if the candidate can choose to work in either New York or Philadelphia. If there are openings in each location, you should create separate JobCasts.

How can I do this?
You can add multiple locations by clicking “+ Add Another” in the Location section of a JobCast. All of the locations must be in the same country. 

How will I know which location the candidate chooses?
Candidates will choose which locations they would prefer to be considered for during confirmation. Their selections will be visible under the “Responses” tab of their card.

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