Must-haves are non-negotiable skills that a candidate is required to have in order to be considered for the role. These are written by the Employer when they complete the JobCast form.

While you are submitting a candidate, use the response area to illustrate how a candidate's skills specifically align with the Must-Haves. Be specific and clear so Employers understand why your candidate is a good fit.

We advise that you use strong, quantitative statements, such as: 

  • Weak: Managed a budget to plan large-scale events for students

  • Strong: Managed $12,000 budget to plan large-scale events for 2,500 students

  • Weak: Compiled a pitch deck for buyout of automotive company

  • Strong: Compiled a 44-page pitch deck for buyout of $53 million automotive company

  • Weak: Wrote articles on entrepreneurship and technology

  • Strong: Wrote 8 articles on entrepreneurship and technology, generating 107,000 page views, 8,003 likes, and 3,723 tweets

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