As mentioned in the Terms, if the candidate passes the 60 day guarantee period, and the Employer has paid on time, your funds are released on the first business day of the following month (71 days average).

To check the exact status of upcoming payouts click on the Total Earnings badge to the left of your name or the Earnings link in the settings drop down.

Your payouts are grouped into two tabs, "Upcoming Payouts" and "Completed Payouts".  Upcoming Payouts are all payouts that you are due to be paid, while Completed Payouts are all payouts that have been processed.  

Each of your payouts will have a status and a date associated with it.  There are four possible statuses for a payout:

  • Expected Payout Date - This is the date that your payout will be automatically processed assuming that the candidate passes their 60 day guarantee and that RecruitiFi collects from the employer. 
  • Scheduled Payout Date - When the candidate has passed their 60 day guarantee period and RecruitiFi has collected from the employer, your payout becomes automatically scheduled in our system.  This is the date that your payout is scheduled to automatically be processed.
  • Completed Payout Date- This is the date that your payout has been processed by our system.  Payouts are typically visible in your bank account within 1-3 business days from this date.
  • Guarantee Failure Date - This is the date that a guarantee failure was confirmed by RecruitiFi after being reported by the employer.  No money is earned on guarantee failures.
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