We work closely with our data and internet service providers, including best in breed cloud storage companies Salesforce Heroku and Amazon Web Services, and top payment providers Stripe and Chase, to ensure security and compliance. All of our data handlers comply with the following stringent international data protocols:

  • PCI Audited, Service Provider Level 1

  • Secure Connections (HTTPS and HSTS with SSL encryption)

  • Secure Transfer, Separate PGP keys to encrypt the sending and receiving sensitive data

  • Safe Harbor certified, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework certified, and sign off on the Model Clauses for the transfer of data outside the EU per the EU Data Directive

  • Both services have regional servers for local storage when necessary in countries like Germany, UK, Ireland, etc.

  • Special checkbox disclosing data sharing provisions in countries like Germany, where Candidate may request review of information or removal from the site at any time to comply with Federal Data Protection Act or Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG).

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