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How do you vet Community Agencies?
How do you vet Community Agencies?
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Being a member of the RecruitiFi Community is contingent upon an application, our vetting process, and an alignment with current needs.

Our community of expert agencies are vetted thoroughly during the application process. 

Agencies must apply to be a part of our community and, after a thorough screening, a select group of applicants are invited to join.  When an agencies signs up, they must classify the industries, roles, and geographies they specialize in. This ensures that agencies are only getting focused JobCasts in their areas of expertise.

Agencies submit candidates and are scored for that particular role, industry, and location based on the feedback from employers. If their score drops below a certain threshold, they no longer receive invites to future JobCasts in that vertical.

Candidates anonymously rate the agencies on their professionalism, knowledge of the job, knowledge of the employer, and other key metrics. Agencies that receive anything below a 4 out of 5 rating from their candidates are personally reviewed by the RecruitiFi team, with the potential of being coached for improvement or removed from platform entirely.  This ensures that our community will maintain a high standard for your employment brand and candidate experience.

As recruiters prove themselves, they continue to get more opportunities through our platform.

When you bring your own Preferred Agencies onto the platform, they skip the application process, and can immediately receive requisitions and submit candidates without going through the curation process. 

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