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What is an Employer Rating, how is it calculated, and how can I improve my score?
What is an Employer Rating, how is it calculated, and how can I improve my score?
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Each employer is rated on criteria by the agency recruiters working on their JobCast. Ratings can be broken into two groups:

  1. JobCast Reviews (responsiveness, candidate experience, likeliness to work again with Employer)

  2. Rejection Feedback Helpfulness

Your personal scores can be found on your reporting dashboard, and are visible to your Team Administrators. 

JobCast ratings are collected after a Jobcast is closed. 

Rejection feedback is collected each time a candidate is rejected. Specific feedback that helps the recruiter on their search will receive higher scores.

Improving Your Scores

On the other end of your JobCasts are real people, doing real work, in real time. Therefore every action, or non-action, is scored by agencies goes into your score calculation.

Provide helpful, timely information to receive high marks. Conversely, generic and delayed information that does not help an agency find a better candidate will generally result in low scores. 

Whenever you disposition a candidate, respond to a question, leave candidates sitting with no feedback, or let community Q&A inquiries pile up, keep in mind one thing: 

You are either helping or hurting your score.  

Not Enough Ratings

Employers who have less than 3 reviews will see an N/A where the score would appear. After 3 reviews, your score will be calculated.

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