Is RecruitiFi GDPR Compliant?
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RecruitiFi is fully GDPR compliant, and remains at the forefront of data privacy for all of our users.

At RecruitiFi, data privacy is one of our top concerns. As such, we meet or exceed the various requirements of global privacy regulations, including GDPR.

While legislation like GDPR only applies to citizens of EU member states, RecruitiFi extends the same level of data privacy and security to all of our users globally.

How does RecruitiFi maintain compliance?

Here are just a few of the ways that RecruitiFi maintains our high standards of privacy:

• Maintaining a thorough and transparent privacy policy that is compliant with GDPR and other global data protection acts
• Allowing preemptive opt-out of cookies
• Allowing easy request for deletion, correction, download, and transfer of personal data

• Appointing a data protection officer to handle any data related issues

Are candidate submissions GDPR compliant?

All candidates that are submitted through our platform are notified and must opt-in with active consent to have their information shared with an employer.

RecruitiFi does not use their data for any marketing purposes or any purposes other than the one that they have consented to—being submitted for review at a specific employer.

What about EEOC, OFCCP, and other local employment laws that require record retention?

It should be noted that GDPR and other data protection acts only allow for the right to delete personal data when it’s not legally required for an organization to retain that data for other purposes.

Many countries have anti-discrimination laws in place to create fair hiring practices.  These laws require retention of resumes, hiring records, disposition records, etc.

Because these laws legally require retention of candidate data, the local employment legislation overrules GDPR and requires RecruitiFi to retain data accordingly.

However, these employment laws do not invalidate the rest of the GDPR, and RecruitiFi handles data in accordance with the remaining aspects of GDPR.

What if I want to learn more?

If you have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Data Protection Officer at

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