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In what currencies does RecruitiFi pay agencies?
In what currencies does RecruitiFi pay agencies?
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RecruitiFi can pay agencies in 45 different currencies.  Payouts are made in the currency chosen by the agency.

Supported Currencies

AED - Emirati Dirham - Within the UAE
ARS - Argentine Peso - Within Argentina
AUD - Australian Dollar - Within Australia
BDT - Bangladeshi Taka - Within Bangladesh
BGN - Bulgarian Lev - Within Bulgaria
BRL - Brazilian Real - Within Brazil - RecruitiFi can only send payments to private individuals within Brazil. Currently we are unable to send business payments to or from BRL.
CAD - Canadian Dollar - Within Canada
CHF - Swiss Franc - Within Switzerland and Liechtenstein
CLP - Chilean Peso - Within Chile
CNY - Chinese Yuan - RecruitiFi can only send payments in CNY to private individuals
CZK - Czech Koruna - Within the Czech Republic
DKK - Danish Krone - Within Denmark
EUR - Euro - RecruitiFi can send out Euros to SEPA compliant bank accounts within SEPA
EGP - Egyptian Pound - Within Egypt
GBP - Pounds Sterling - Within the UK (including Gibraltar, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man)
GEL - Georgian Lari - Within Georgia
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar - Within Hong Kong
HRK - Croatian Kuna - Within Croatia
HUF - Hungarian Forint - Within Hungary
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah - Within Indonesia
ILS - Israeli Shekels - Within Israel
INR - Indian Rupee - RecruitiFi sends out INR via RTGS, NEFT, TPT (as appropriate) to INR-denominated accounts in India.  USD can not be sent to banks located in India.
JPY - Japanese Yen - Within Japan
KES - Kenyan Shillings - Within Kenya
KRW - South Korean Won - Within South Korea (limit of 30,000 USD transfer per year to individuals)
LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee - Within Sri Lanka
MAD - Moroccan Dirham - Within Morocco
MXN - Mexican Peso - Within Mexico
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit - Within Malaysia
NGN - Nigerian Naira - Within Nigeria
NOK - Norwegian Krone - Within Norway
NZD - New Zealand Dollar - Within New Zealand
PEN - Peruvian Sol - Within Peru
PHP - Philippine Peso  - Within Philippines
PKR - Pakistani Rupee  - RecruitiFi can send payments to private recipients within Pakistan. Currently we are unable to send business payments to PKR.
PLN - Polish Złoty - Within Poland
RON - Romanian Leu - Within Romania
TRY - Turkish Lira - within Turkey
SEK - Swedish Krona - Within Sweden
SGD - Singapore Dollar - Within Singapore
THB - Thai Baht - Within Thailand
UAH - Ukranian Hryvna - Within Ukraine
VND - Vietnamese Dong - Within Vietnam

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