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How do I report a guarantee failure or request a refund?
How do I report a guarantee failure or request a refund?
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If a candidate leaves prior to the RecruitiFi guarantee period being fulfilled, you can mark this in our system within 60 days of the candidate start date, and automatically request a refund if you have already made payment.

There are two ways to mark guarantee failures in the RecruitiFi system:

1) Navigate to the Billing page by clicking your avatar.  Click the “Report Failure”.

2) Navigate to the candidate that has failed their guarantee and open their candidate profile in the Hires section of the left navigation. Click “Report Failure”.

You will need to enter the information in this article to complete the process.

NOTE: Guarantee failures for placements that have already been paid to RecruitiFi are refunded except in cases where the employer has invoices that are overdue by 60 days or more. If the employer has outstanding invoices for which payment is overdue to RecruitiFi by that length of time, guarantee failures will not be refunded until the employer’s account is reconciled. To ensure prompt repayment of guarantee failures, it is best practice to keep accounts in good financial standing.

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