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How do I process a Pre-existing Hire?
How do I process a Pre-existing Hire?
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You can quickly and easily administer pre-existing hires through RecruitiFi.

Click the “Agencies” button in the Main Navigation … and then click the “Invite Agency” button.  Provide the relevant information to invite the agency and click “Invite”.  This will invite the preferred agency to the platform so their placement can be processed.

Then input the following information into the blue help bubble in the lower right corner of our website:

  • Job title

  • Job location (city, state, country)

  • Candidate’s full name

  • Candidate’s salary (or total first-year guaranteed compensation, if different) 

  • Candidate’s start date

  • Name and email of the Agency recruiter who made the hire

  • Agency % fee

  • Name of your corporate recruiter (i.e., the Seat holder) responsible for the hire

  • Any coding information needed for your Accounts Payable to identify the invoice

Once complete, RecruitiFi will process the hire, invoice your company, and pay the Agency.  

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