Once it is determined that a candidate will be hired, you log the hire from the Offers stage by clicking the “Hire” button.

You will see a form on which you will be asked to enter the hire details:

Start date 

The day that the candidate starts work.  The 60 day guarantee period starts on this date.

Total first year compensation

Any guaranteed compensation within the first year of employment.  This includes, but is not limited to guaranteed bonuses, commissions, relocation expenses, etc.

Primary work State and Zipcode

Used to determine whether taxes apply to your hire.

JobCasts Status (open/closed)

If you are hiring more than one candidate for the JobCast keep it open, otherwise close it. If the JobCast is closed, all in process candidates will be dispositioned.

Invoice Memo

You can optionally enter an Invoice Memo.  

Once a hire is logged, the submitting recruiter receives an email notifying them of the hire and information on their forthcoming payout.

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