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What do the candidate stages represent?
What do the candidate stages represent?
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A candidate on RecruitiFi moves through various stages during their life cycle on the platform.


Candidates have confirmed interest in your JobCast, and are waiting to be sorted.

 You will have access to the candidate’s contact information, resume, the submitting agency’s answers to your predetermined Must-Haves, and the candidate’s answers to your Screening Questions.

Quickly sorting new candidates as they arrive will help you maintain a good Employer Rating and keep the agencies working on your JobCast engaged.

In this stage, you are only able to view one candidate at a time. “Keep” candidates that meet your basic criteria, and reject those that do not. Candidates are presented in the order that they confirm. Sort one candidate to view the next.


Once you've determined that the candidate meets the basic criteria for the position, you can move them to Reviewing.  Here you can compare candidates against one another and share candidates with your colleagues in order to decide who to interview.  

Moving a candidate into Reviewing will unlock access to the submitting agency’s information and the Agency Chat.  


When you begin interviews, move candidates into the Interviewing stage.  This notifies the agency of the upcoming interview, allowing them to assist in the logistics of scheduling and preparing the candidate.


When you have made an offer to a candidate(s) you should move them to the Offers stage.  This allows the submitting agency to work with the candidate and encourage a decision to move forward with your organization.


Candidates that are hired have completed all stages of the hiring process (e.g. a background check, signed offer, start date set).


Rejected candidates are no longer being considered for this or any other position at the organization.


Withdrawn candidates have been removed from consideration for your JobCast.

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