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What do the different JobCast states and statuses mean?
What do the different JobCast states and statuses mean?
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JobCasts can exist in several different states and have different states.

JobCast States

On the JobCasts page you will see three different states in the left-hand column:

  1. Live - A JobCast is open to candidate submission.

  2. Draft - A JobCast has been created but not submitted.

  3. Closed - A JobCast is closed to candidate submission.

JobCast Statuses

 Live JobCasts can have four different statuses:

  1. Open - JobCasts in good standing that are open to active submission.

  2. Locked - JobCasts that you have locked.

  3. Requires Attention - JobCasts that have one or more candidates that have not been sorted in seven days or more.  Learn how to handle these at-risk JobCasts. 

  4. Submitted - JobCasts that you have submitted that are currently being reviewed by our curation team.  This process typically takes less than one business day.

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