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How do I navigate the JobCasts page?
How do I navigate the JobCasts page?
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 The JobCasts page is divided into five different parts that allow you to fully navigate each JobCast.

1- The left-hand column serves as the JobCast Status filter.  You can select from your Live, Draft, and Closed JobCasts.  Choosing one of these statuses will load all JobCasts with the chosen Status.

2- The JobCast Information section displays the JobCast name, location and how when it was started. 

3- The Alerts section lets you know if you have new chat messages or questions about your JobCast.  

If the alert bell is grey there are no alerts.  If the alert bell is blue you have JobCast questions that have not been answered.  If the alert bell has a red badge with a number, you have alerts you have not yet seen.

4- The Candidate section allows you to see how many candidates are in each stage of your hiring process.  Clicking the number in each stage will bring you to a list of candidates that reside in that stage.

5- The Actions menu allow you to take various actions on your JobCast.

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