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What is a Locked JobCast and how do I use it?
What is a Locked JobCast and how do I use it?
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What is Locking A JobCast?

Locking a JobCast is a way to stop submissions on a JobCast while keeping access to the candidates that have already been submitted. All agencies working on the JobCast will be notified that the JobCast is locked and will be told the reason why you are locking it. This is different than closing a JC because when you Close a JobCast all candidates are automatically rejected.

If you are going to be away for a period of time, if you have already identified finalists for the position, or if you just want to halt candidate submissions, locking your JobCast communicates this status to the agencies working on your JobCast. 

How do I Lock a JobCast? 

From the JobCasts page, click the Actions menu of the JobCast you want to lock. Select “Lock”.  You are prompted by a dialogue box to explain why you are locking the JobCast. 

You can also lock a JobCast from the JobCast Description page, by selecting "Lock" from the JobCast Actions Menu.

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