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How do I create a JobCast more efficiently?
How do I create a JobCast more efficiently?
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There are two methods to improving your JobCast creation efficiency.

Setting JobCast Defaults

The platform allows you to create default settings that will appear in every new JobCast.  This is very useful when roles across your organization contain duplicate information.

The following sections can be set as defaults for all your JobCasts:

  • Benefits

  • Culture & Perks

  • Tips for Successful Search

  • Interview Steps

  • Screening Questions

  • ATS Selection

To set your JobCast Defaults, click your avatar, and then click “Settings”.  Within Settings, select “JobCast Defaults”.  Click the “Edit” button and enter your default information.

Duplicating an existing JobCast

Once a JobCast has been created, duplicating a JobCast of it is a quick way to create a draft with previously filled-in information.  You can modify the information on the copied JobCast to fit the new role you are creating.

From the JobCasts page, click the Actions column of the JobCast you want to copy.  Choose “Make Copy” and confirm your selection.  You will immediately be brought to the copied version of the JobCast so you can begin editing.

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