Employers on the RecruitiFi platform can have different sets of permissions. Each permission allows for different functionality. Users can have multiple permissions.

  • JobCast Creator
  • Agency Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Standard Employer (always)

What does each permission allow?

JobCast Creator

  • Create and send JobCasts
  • Review candidates
  • Chat with agencies
  • Mark candidates as 'Hired'
  • View individual reports

Agency Manager

  • Invite new agencies to be 'Legacy'
  • Edit or remove 'Legacy Agency' fees

Finance Manager

  • Add or edit cost centers
  • Access all financial statements and history
  • Mark guarantee failures for all hires

Team Manager

  • Edit organization details
  • View enterprise level reports
  • Act on behalf of teammates
  • Edit or Deactivate teammates
  • Invite teammates of all permissions
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