You can access your Teammates by clicking your avatar.  You will see a menu with a link to “Team”.

From your Team page you can view your teammates and invite others to the platform.  If you are a Team Administrator you can also edit your teammates’ information.

Add Your Team

Click on “Invite Teammates”.  Add each teammate with their email address.  

If you are a Team Administrator you can invite other Team Administrators by adjusting their role.  Learn more about your team’s roles.

Once you send invite(s), teammates will receive an email from with a link to create their account.

Reminding Teammates

If you do not see a teammate in the Active section of the Teammates page that means that they have not yet created their account.  You can remind them to sign-up by navigating to the Pending section and clicking “Remind”.

Editing Teammates

If you are a Team Administrator you are able to edit your teammates’ roles.  Click “Edit” and select the role you would like to change.  Click “Save” to record your changes.  

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