Absolutely! RecruitiFi is built to enhance the agency-employer relationship, and we encourage you to communicate with employers using the tools on RecruitiFi.

Here are the places that you can speak with the employer about candidates, a specific JobCast, or just about your weekend.

Employer Chat -- 

On the candidate profile drawer (which can be accessed from your JobCast Index, your JobCast specific page, your Candidates Index, or the global search), click the 'Employer Chat' tab. From here you can send chats and upload images. This is a great place to schedule interviews or provide additional information about a candidate. Chat is available for candidates who have been rejected or advanced from 'Awaiting Sort'

Once in a chat, you can also attach documents (see image below).

Ask a Question

On any JobCast you are "Working On", you can ask a question directly to the Employer who posted the job. This is a great way to receive a clarification about the requisition. These questions may be answered publicly, so they should not be about specific candidates or include any identifiable information.

There are a multiple to ask a question to the employer about a given JobCast:

  1. From the "Working On" page within My JobCasts

    2. Within a particular JobCast on the "Job Updates" page, click "Ask Question" in the top right hand corner

JobCast Updates
Finally, JobCasts sometimes need to be updated after they have been created. This may be because of an updated description, for example. When this happens, Employer's will create a 'JobCast Update'. This information is coming directly from the Employer, so it is important that you keep up to date on it. You can find JobCast Updates on the left navigation of a JobCast specific page.

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