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How do I get paid if I live in China?
How do I get paid if I live in China?

The following provides details on getting paid in China.

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Due to restrictions set by the Chinese government and banking system, our international payment processor is unable to send payments directly in Chinese Yuan.

All transfers are conducted in USD using SWIFT, and will be converted by your local Chinese bank to CNY.

Please note: Your bank's exchange rate is typically 3% - 6% lower than the Mid-Market Exchange rate.  This means that your payouts are often reduced by several percent when your bank makes the conversion from USD to CNY.  This money is not being held by RecruitiFi, we will send the exact USD amount from the date of hire, but the amount that you receive may be slightly reduced.

If your bank asks for a contract with your client or any additional documentation to prove the source of the income, please contact, and we will assist you.

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