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I have a previous relationship with an employer. How does this affect my old contract and fee?
I have a previous relationship with an employer. How does this affect my old contract and fee?

While you have become a vendor of RecruitiFi, Employers can still designate your agency with a Custom Fee.

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As a Vendor Management System, Employers sign on with RecruitiFi to become their master-vendor.  This means, RecruitiFi becomes the sole recruiting vendor for the Employer, and all of their prior agencies sign on to RecruitiFi as sub-vendors. The RecruitiFi agreement will supersede any agreement that you previously had with the Employer.

That being said, Employers can designate you as a Preferred Agency and invite you to work on RecruitiFi at a predetermined custom fee based on your previous agreement.

This fee may be a percentage, a flat fee, or a variable fee that can fluctuate depending on the role or salary.

We highly recommend that Employers maintain the same fee structure that they had with their agencies prior to engaging through RecruitiFi.

When a Preferred Agency makes a hire, the Employer processes the payment through RecruitiFi. That fee is passed on to the agency, minus a small transaction fee of 1% of the Candidate’s First Year Salary.

When a Custom Fee is input as a flat fee rather than a percentage, the transaction fee is 5% of the flat fee.


Does this mean I can no longer speak to the Employer?

No. You may still interact with the Employer via the platform, phone or email. If you have questions about a Candidate or a JobCasts, you should still speak directly with the Employer.  RecruitiFi's goal is to enhance your relationship and provide additional means of communication with the Employer.

However, for all administrative purposes, you are contractually the vendor of RecruitiFi.  The Employer has engaged with RecruitiFi to handle all payments, ownership questions, and other finance/administrative issues.  These questions should be directed towards RecruitiFi.

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