Security is a credible concern in today’s age. Breaches happen every day at the biggest companies in the world. This is why we take data security extremely seriously. 

RecruitiFi uses the highest standards of security protocols, including:

  • AES-256 server encryptions with decryption keys stored on separate machines

  • Data transfer encryption using separate PGP keys

  • Secure browser and front-end technology like  HTTPS and HSTS with SSL encryption

  • Payment processors that are PCI Audited as Service Provider Level 1

RecruitiFi also complies with a number of domestic and international data security and privacy regulations for both you and your candidates.  Regulations include GDPR in the EU and EEA, OPPA in California, Personal Information Protection Law in Japan, PIPEDA in Canada, and many others. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details on how we uphold the strictest levels of data privacy.

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